Harrington and Byrne - D-Day 80th Anniversary 2024

A TV advert to mark the release of the Harrington and Byrne, D-Day 80th Anniversary Coin for 2024.

"You can tell the calibre of a production company by their ability, professionalism and sheer effort they put into a project - regardless of the budget. This was my first experience working with Pangaea TV and I have to say they impressed me greatly on all three counts. With limited funds available, they produced two commercials who's production values far exceeded their cost and which greatly contributed to their overall success. On top of this, they're also extremely nice people. I can't recommend them highly enough"

Tim Blackshaw - Attinger Jack

Created in CGI this TV advert marks the release of the Harrington & Byrne D-Day 80th Anniversary Coin 2024.