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TV & Video Production

Turning concepts into reality, from shot lists to storyboards and costumes to cast – we’ll ensure that every angle is covered. Your project is in safe hands.

Turning concepts into reality! From shot lists to storyboards, and costumes to cast – with our vast experience, we’ll ensure that every angle is covered, allowing you to approach the filming days safe in the knowledge that your project is in safe hands.

Using a number of techniques to plan an efficient film shoot, we make sure that everything is in place before we book actors, organise locations and source props. In some cases we make use of ‘animatics’, planning out scenes and making efficiencies in our work flow. This helps to organise camera logistics and even the editing process well in advance of the film shoot.

If required we will produce a full colour storyboard showing in detail how all the shots will look. This will include locations, props, costumes and actor/camera movements. Each frame of the storyboard will also include the dialogue or voice over (VO) covered in that particular shot. All of this means that by the time it comes to getting the footage in the can we are in the best possible position to do a great job. Working with Pangaea TV is always a collaborative and straightforward process. Our team has had years of experience in every aspect of production including corporate, commercial and broadcast as well as digital and animation. All of this experience will be used to make sure that your project runs smoothly and creates a product that you are proud to send out into the world to represent you.

TV & Video Production Examples

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